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Beer Release! - Grabbleflerb DIPA | Southern Oracle Sour DIPA

Join us for today’s double can release!

THE GRABBLEFLERB - DIPA | 7.8% abv. | $17.99 / 4pack

We received a colorful Untappd review from a customer that stated, “the brewers should stay away from nonsense in the descriptions. Sounds bad.” In direct response to this kind gentleman, we are creating a series of double IPAs called, “Nonsensical Monsters.”

These beer names are going to be entirely made-up monsters with elaborate backstories that are sure to contain even more nonsense and contain nothing that relates to the beer. This is for you, sir.

The Grabbleflerb started life as a dust bunny thrown out by a bus boy at Cracker Barrel sometime in the late 80s. As time went on, the winds blew and blew the Grabbleflerb and it gained mass and complexity as it collected more and more dirt and dust into itself. Eventually, time, environmental pressures, and the instinctual need for survival allowed the Grabbleflerb to grow functioning appendages and rudimentary eyes. Due to its familiarity of restaurant dumpsters, the Grabbleflerb flits between fast food back parking lots, growing stronger on discarded Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos and half-eaten Chick-n strips. It is known to harass cars full of teenagers after their soccer games, and can only be appeased with iodized salt packets and barbeque sauce. This DIPA is bursting with pineapple, berries, white peaches and starfruit character from Simcoe lupulin powder, Pekko and Azacca hops and a dry, yet characterful yeast strain.

SOUTHERN ORACLE - SOUR DIPA | 9.3%abv | $17.99 / 4pack

Sour Double IPA with Pekko, Vic Secret, and Idaho Gem - Collaboration with Rotunda Brewing Company.

Our good friends from Rotunda came all the way down from Pennsylvania to brew this killer sour double IPA with us. You may remember them from Field Dayz, and if you’ve had their beer, they make insanely good, and insanely creative brews. The name is inspired by both the Southern Hemisphere hop Vic Secret, and our mutual love for the 80’s classic, The Neverending Story. Brewing a sour double IPA is like facing the Southern Oracle: if you have confidence, you may pass, if you don’t, you’ll get fried by ray gun eyes. We get intense sour gummy peach rings and a hint of sauvignon blanc grapes.

Earlier Event: August 19
Later Event: August 20
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